Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cake Critters

I love that my caking business grows along with my clients. This little one's first birthday cake was one of my first big cakes ever, and I've been making all her cakes for the past four years! How time flies! 

This year, they did something extra special, and had a wonderful animator from Educazoo bring a whole lot of critters to the party. There was a rabbit, a few little rodents, some ooey gooey reptiles, and a snake! All the children, and even a few of the big kids, got to interact with the animals. The star of the show was a ferret who did tricks, and even danced a little :) He was also the star of my cake! The ferret was made out of rice crispy treats, and the rest of the critters were made of sugar. Apparently kids love devouring sugar critters! ;)

Here's birthday girl and her sister, along with the animator, trying to capture a shot of cake ferret with the real ferret... Ferrets don't really stand still for pictures :p